Northshore Firewood

Northshore Firewood

Northshore Firewood

Premium Chicago Firewood

Northshore Firewood delivers premium, kiln dried firewood to the Northshore area of Chicago Illinois. We offer face cords of kiln dried Oak, Cherry and kiln dried Premium Hardwood Mix.

Preimum Quality

Our quality firewood is cut, split and kiln dried ready for you to burn. Face cords are loaded onto our trucks for quick delivery to your home.

Firewood For Your Home

All our firewood is kiln dried, easy to light and burns great. Northshore Firewood can supply firewood for your indoor or outdoor fireplace, wood stove or fire pit.


and why it is better?

Kiln drying is a process of heating the firewood to 255 degrees for a total of 36 hours to reduce the moisture content of the wood to 6%, creating the finest quality, best buring firewood.

Benefits of kiln dried firewood

Lights Instantly

Bug Free

Disease Free

Mold Free

Less Smoke

Less Creosote

Burns Hotter